How to create a social club on rockstar website

Since I have been playing rockstar Grand theft auto on my iPad.
I tell you how to create it

First go to rockstar website

Look for the sign in below

If you don’t have one, a create a account is below.

Once you made your account friend me (AutumnGreen40)and during the summer
grand theft auto 5.

I have the game free on epic game when I heard about it.

So that should help you out and anyone is welcome to play grand theft auto 5 by july. Still wait until I get a new window tablet or computer.

Everyone is welcome to join me in play the game.
Now off to play grand theft auto on tablet :grin:

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If you want to play. Make sure you do this above.

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Do you have a social account I can use to play with you. I really want to try it.

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