How to create an RP/SG involving kingdoms and/or realms?

When making an RP or SG that involves a kingdom or realm, there are a lot of things you need to take into account.

Just like in real life there is more to a realm, kingdom or country than just their existence, there are rules and elements that make them what they are.

Some examples are:

  1. Law:
    Just like in real life, each kingdom, realm or country for that matter has their own set of rules. these rules are so that they have control and the kingdom has a fundament to how people should act. This also includes how the new ruler is chosen and in what form the kingdom is being ruled.

  2. Traditions:
    These can be holidays, things like prayers but also maybe greetings or how they show gratitude. Little details like this can add colour to your kingdom or realm.

    What kind of people are in your kingdom or realm? are they all just human or are there other creatures as well?

  4. aesthetics.
    A kingdom or realm is known for certain things, like trademarks. For example a realm of dreams is known probable for their wonders and dream-like aesthetics and maybe for their magic as well. Or the kingdom of Dragons is probably known for having a lot of dragons or that their people have the power of dragons.
    But also looks help. Are they tribal, modern, light, dark, etc.

Plot and story are also important. a kingdom or realm can have lots of different plots, but they can also look similar to other ideas very quickly. details in the plot are important and how you can set apart your story/game.

Helpful links:
There’s a thread made by @Elixr that is amazing which can help you create your own kingdom and @Nil has made an thread where your can create your own world/realm.They will help you a lot while creating your own kingdom or realm and they help you add details.

@RPers I hope this thread will help you if you ever want to make your own RP or SG involving a kingdom or realm.
And if you need more help, just post it and you’ll have a whole community to help you. :blush:


Yes, if you do all of this and have all the detail then you could have a stellar one.

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