How to create an RP/SG set in a certain era

When making a RP or SG that is set in a specific era it’s important to get the setting right.

Here are some tips that might help:

  1. Research
    This is in any case useful. Research is key with everything you do as it makes things easier and more believable. get the information right, the tradition and the setting and you win people over.


  1. While brainstorming, listen to music that is either from that era or written for that era.
    having music on that sets the tone, helps you get into the mindset. getting into the feeling of the era helps to get

  2. watch movies.
    Be careful with this because it’s easily to take ideas and elements over. This could help but also make the idea not your own and people may adapt the idea that it’s like the movie or video you used as inspiration so get dissapointed or confused when you stray away from those ideas.

@RPers, hopefully these tips can help

What are tips you can give others
or what are things you find hard when making an RP/SG or story in a different Era?

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