How to Create Sibling Characters

Sibling characters, something that can be a lot of fun for many RPers. Some prefer to make each sibling themselves, while others prefer to make them with someone else. Either way you go about creating your sibling characters, there is more that you have to go through to make them instead of any other character without an RPed sibling.

The Family Relationships

You have to think about how the siblings get along with not only each other, but even other family members. Is one of them extremely close with their mom, while the other is closer to their dad. If they have other siblings, which sibling/s are they each closer to. Does the oldest have more responsibilities and have authority over the younger sibling/s? Do the younger sibling/s listen to the eldest?

Understand what the family dynamic is and what the relationships are like for each sibling.

The Background

One mistake I’ve personally seen RPers make, newer RPers in particular, is having the siblings have the same exact bio, or bios that are barely any different from each other. Where in any universe do siblings ever live virtually the same life? No siblings are going to have the same life, not even conjoined twins. They may have extremely similar lives, but that’s where their personality changes their perspective. The siblings could have shared an experience, but each felt different about the experience. They could have grown up in a household with a lot of rules, one sibling felt like the rules brought order to their home life, while the other felt stuck and hated being bound to the family rules.

In their bios, it’s important to note what it was like for them having their sibling. For the oldest sibling, include how they felt about gaining a younger sibling. Were they happy or upset about it? How did the entire family feel about each of the children joining the family?

The Personalities

The personality is where you develop the siblings into their own individuals. You can make the sibling extremely close and similar to each other, but what makes them stand out from their sibling. Does one of them always look out for the other, or is one jealous of their sibling. How do they approach things in a similar manner, and how do they do things differently. If the siblings are mostly opposites, what makes them more alike, whether they like it or not. What qualities do they bring out in each other. Personalities are where you can in a sense, compare and contrast the siblings. Make them each into their own person.



YES!! everyone is affected differently! :angry:

personally, i dont think this is a priority

i see it like a mama’s girl/whatevertf kinda thing, its not that important, although definitely there, its just a biography subsection that if you write correctly should be frictionlessly (i rlly like using that word teeheeh) sewn into the backstory

but then again, this is kinda like the chicken or the egg question. so like hm

like, ig? but its kinda like almost so obvious that it complicates itself just for a little pizazz


It should. I just wrote it separately from the backstory section so I could emphasize it. You have to know how the family dynamic is. Even if its not a fully planned out and developed idea, you gotta at least have a basic idea in mind.




I’ve made sibling characters before. It’s kind of difficult, espicially if it’s for an RP. The main thing is getting each siblings story right. What do they think of each other, what makes them different. I have seen some underdeveloped sibling characters who’s only hobby seemed to be existing for each other; Fred and George used to be like this at the beggining of the books. They didn’t have much personality other than goofy, in fact even at the end of the series they didn’t seem to have any flaws.

I made two siblings before who were very much the annoying hyperactive duo almost like twins. They are so much fun to play and I assume they are also fun to play with since others liked them haha

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