How to develop relationships?

One of the most interesting aspects when roleplaying is the relationships between characters. Not only does it make your roleplaying experience better and potentially intriguing, but it also connects you with your fellow roleplayers. But in every relationships, there is development. Some of us got this around our palm, but some (like me rip ok bye) still struggle with that and risk it being static.

So, @RPers, how do you develop your relationships? Any tips you can share us?

My best tip would be to just go with the flow. Let your writing and your character decide the fate. That way, you might even get better and more fitting results.


Just… plan.

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YALL I know this this is how I met all my exes


“that @$$ is fat ma”

I think it gets messy when it’s rping cos it’s both a relationship between characters and rpers so it’s hard to get the best of both worlds
We jus try :woman_shrugging:t2:

Slowly and naturally over the course of the RP.


yessss, you don’t know at the start how your character will interact, my best rp relationships were unplanned!

it’s like real life, you don’t become lovers in one day!

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Exactly. It makes it more realistic and you get more attached to the characters.

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Idk I’ve done that in real life
Maybe I’m just gay

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But eveb then, you either need to get to know each other or in most cases it doesn’t work out as time goes on.

Especially online it’s possible to share all ur trauma and stuff the first time y’all talk

Maybe also gay LMAO
Still applies

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True, and I’m not saying love at fist sight doesn’t work, but only time will tell and only when you get to know the person, or in this case the other writer, can you see if you have chemistry.

I often don’t plan ahead because then it turns out I have better chemistry with someone else but I’ve already committed/promised to have my character have a relationship with them.

@RPers do you guys have any other tips on how to develop relationships?


if theres no rising action or obstacles before the climax of the development, then it isn’t going to be a strong bond.

there has to be tension,

something between them that is original, witty, and something that gives them the opportunity to become closer — to a relationship.

like a car crash, or a hobby, or even a simple moment in the plot where they realize that that is their person, yanno?

usually i think of it like a movie, or what i want to happen (or fantasize about) in real life, its pretty simple but sometimes hard to get to if you dont have the right steps towards the climax?

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SLOWLY! Slow-burns always make for better writing and better development.

What’s going on with @LunaticLeviTheSecond and my character is she comforted him, and now things are unfolding. Well, it’s only the first day, lol. No kissing yet. :joy:

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she’s going to have to kiss him first because I don’t see Lav taking the first step

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Lol, fair enough.

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I literally ship my character with the person they first speak with lol
Don’t ask me for tips about developing relationships


same, before Hanako there was Tatiana (now Theodore) and I was ready to make that a realtionship because tbh ethereal inspired me to write PARAGRAPHS for the first time and I loved it :slight_smile:

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I can relate to that, yes

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I ship Ahnvi with every person she has talked to (except Ms Possum because ew)
There’s me, Tristan, Aodghan, and Valen (and probably the narcissistic guy cough @idiot.exe hi spon)

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