How to Find a Balance Between RPing and Other Stuff

Finding a balance between RPing and the many other things going on in your life can be difficult. At times it will be easy, even if you’re busy, while at other times it will be an issue whether you have a lot going on or not. A balance can go from being fine to problematic in an instant for RPers new and old.

These tips can hopefully help make your work of finding a balance a little easier.

Tip 1

Off forums commitments take priority.
Any RPer will agree, the stuff going on in real life is more important. We all understand that sometimes you have to move your focus from RPing to your real life.

Tip 2

Keep what you can handle in mind.
Only signup for what you think you can handle RPing. If you know you won’t be able to make and RP multiple characters in multiple RPs, make less characters or sign up for less RPs.

Tip 3

Give your fellow RPers a heads up if you have something going on.
Whether its real life commitments or even just feeling overwhelmed, try to give a heads up. That way if you’re going to be slower to reply, or wont be able to reply, the other RPers can be aware and act accordingly.

Tip 4

Just stay calm, and breathe.
Remember that there will be times where things are overwhelming and a balance will be difficult, but even when things get out of control, everything will soon ease up and be easier eventually. Your fellow RPers can be a great support system, and we can always remind you that things will get better eventually.

Feel free to give some more tips of your own. We all have our own ways of finding a balance, so what helps you may or may not help someone else.



If you play a lot with one player, you can at some point find an regular moment they aren’t online.
For example. I’ve played enough with @ohSumana to know that around 12 pm for me till 2.30, from 4.30pm till 6 and from 7 till often 8, she is doing other stuff so I know she’s not going to be online and I don’t have to check.

I feel like a stalker lol


I’m being stalked


It’s all in love :innocent: :rofl:



brooke: how to have a life outside of roleplaying forums from yours truly because you nerds need it


Well, a balance between off forums stuff and RPing is tough even for me, plus I’m staff so this type of thread was kinda my job.


to educate the nerds under your wing.
we appreciate it brookie. *wipes away tear with thumb *


It reminds me, I really have to get back to RPing. But I just can’t… ehhhh

Lovely thread, Brooke!


Tip 5: procrastinate until the last second

I’ve been on the stage of constantly worrying about how messed up my schedules are maimly because I like to stress out about how many things are on my plate (it’s kind of a habit at this point). RPing is supposed to be fun, not some other life duty, and even though you’re supposed to worry about not being able to reply five days later, tip three is definitely helpful. The key (or at least in my case-) is to take all worries off and not stress at all.

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