How to find inspiration in the lockdown

Hey guys! Let’s talk about finding inspiration in this lockdown! I’ve been struggling with this but I’ve come up with a few ideas:

  • Spotify 24/7, I just keep playing and using songs to help me write. Some of you notice that sometimes when I’m lacking inspo or just bored, I link a gif/song/photo titled “Post Inspiration”

  • Write some characters backstories! I write diaries in the perspectives of my character sometimes alongside with flashback and past scenes in their life.

  • Go out of my comfort zone for creating characters. Tis how I made Harmony (from CHB) or Hazel (P.E.AK. Academy) I wanted some characters that were…eccentric to say the least. Share your own!!



ah i see i’m not the only one who loves to play with characters out of the roleplay! it’s like writing a story to me:)

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Exactly!! It’s fun way for me to build important things for them too.

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Oooh… this can be really helpful! Thank you for this, Ani! (wink)


Since this thread exists, I’m going to throw out drawing because of how simplistic it is. Everyone can do it and you aren’t limited by supplies. There are different materials for separate uses, but the basics are something that everyone possessed.

As Anichu said, music is amazing for getting in the correct mood and sometimes art can be based of the energy of a song. Inspiration hits essentially everywhere and the best part is that it’s all you. Anything is possible, there are absolutely no barriers.

Even pulling out the ‘I can’t draw well’ card is just another reason to attempt art. Instead of comparing yourself to others, reflect back on your own progress. The best feeling is seeing visible improvements.


Yes, I do draw (and colour) but I only do it for myself, and only as a distraction rather than a way to stay motivated. I tend to use it as a way to keep hands doing something while watching a film or something. If I don’t then I usually lie down and can doze off.


Well, this one is for writing in general… I’ve tried doing that thing where you set writing goals like 1000 words a day. I didn’t think it would help. But it did… so much… instead of aiming for a perfect scene I’m just aiming for a certain word count so I find myself doing much better on my draft!


I can attest to this!

Comparing my old writing and new writing is such a refreshing thing because I enjoy laughing at myself.

We will not talk about my sketchbook however, my hand is a beech that likes to change my art style every 3 minutes.


Play online versions of games you can do with a group of people

Pictionary …


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  • Take a break! If you feel like you’re losing creativity take a break for a day or so and you’ll feel your mind coming together for better ideas!
  • Character playlists are fun ways to get into your characters mind and help keep you motivated, especially as you write their posts.
  • Go outside now that lockdown is kinda over and observe things, you can observe details of your life and around you you can bring into your writing
  • Maybe write a little thing of your character in perspective in the quarantine! get into their thoughts and how they may be going insane in quarantine!
  • Talk with other RPers, whether by chat or VC or something you can chat about ideas or upcoming things to do via RP or just brainstorm together vocally or chat-like while you work.
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