How to grow your audience?

So, as a few of you might know, I’ve finished writing my first novel a few days ago and now I’m wondering how to grow my audience online. Instagram doesn’t seem that helpful lately and I know TikTok is a big thing right now but I don’t know how well it works for growing my audience.

Does anyone have some advice? Any tricks you can share with all the others here?

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They did something good with letting everyone put links in stories but as usual the algorithm isn’t the easiest to take advantage of

Honestly I’ve seen people making TikToks to promote their stories/books
They’ll kinda like, act out a scene or talk about something that sounds interesting and be like interested? Read more in my story. So basically teasers and stuff.

I noticed the good versions of those have a lot of views and you don’t even need to show your face or speak just use the TTS voice if you wanna :joy:


Yeah I’ve been trying with instagram lol. I don’t even have a story yet, I’m just on there to try to grow an audience.


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