How to handle a threeway conversation in an RP?

Make sure everyone is included in the conversation.

Have a post order that you follow. That way every character can have an input to the conversation.

Wait if one of the users is offline. So the other party still feels included in the conversation and not left out.

Tell the others people if your going offline.

@RPers - feel free to share your thoughts and tips on this topic.


Make sure you have your tag list in order



and you follow that order. Make sure your all in agreement when your posting and double check to make sure the person will be active for the time being (not inactive/going inactive) so not to halt the conversation. Let the others know if you’ll be inactive so they can 1. wait or 2. continue without you.


Thank you for these! I will bookmark all of them to help me improve at RPing!


The biggest key for conversations with more than 2 RPers is for everyone to be on the same page for how the conversation will flow. Everyone just replying in whatever order is fine, when all RPers agree that they are fine with it. A posting order typically is the best solution, but it does not have to be the only solution. It depends on what each person prefers and how the flow of conversation happens in the RP. Sometimes the conversation naturally flows in a way that requires changing up the order. And if someone is unable to post for a certain length of time, check with them to know if they are alright if the conversation continues while they’re gone.

As long as each RPer agrees, a three way conversation can follow a specific order, or be done some other way.


Another tip to follow is to know when to break it off. You should know when the conversation gets boring, or if someone is becoming too busy to either stop it entirely or to break it up into two seperate groups. It’s always good to communicate between each other on what’s going on, if 2/3 of the people or even 1/3 people are not responding and continually make the others wait without a response is an issue, so make sure there’s a communication going on. And be friendly and try not to have a character focus on one other one instead of the group of the whole- unless of course the character is trying to be mean like that on purpose :wink:

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Just adding a tag.

Threeway conversations, whether it’s three characters, four, or even more, aren’t uncommon, but not every RPer has been in one.

So have you been in a three way conversation?
Do you like them, or do you prefer one on one conversations in RPs?



i like them bcos they allow me to stall but i also hate them cos too many people *shivers *

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Yes, I have been in a number.

It actually adds realism to the roleplay, but I prefer one on one conversations because they’re easier to deal with. A three-way conversation can sometimes get messy, especially when you and your co-roleplayers didn’t agree on following a method. Timezones are also a thing, and it may cause one of you to feel left out.

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I think at first it’s a bit chotic but after a while a certain turn system is created without people speaking where 1) posts, 2) responces and 3) responces to 2.

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