How to make a good RP post?

Wanting to take your posting and roleplaying to the next level? Beyond just “good” and into “great” territory! Roleplaying may seem easy on the surface and some aspects are! But writing a great roleplaying post and being a great roleplayer is much harder than it seems.

There are somethings you can do to craft a really great RP post — each and every time.

Timely RP replies - many of us a guilty of letting a lot of time pass between posts. Don’t feel pressured in to responding really fast to posts. If you are feeling pressured to respond more quickly than you can, make sure to take care of yourself and have a break or drop some threads or tell the person your character is in a conversation with. they maybe be able to give you ideas on how to respond or ease your worry.

Don’t respond to every bit of speech. - give some non verbal ques like nodding, funny looks, sighs and huffs. It can stop characters having an awkward speech patterns.

Don’t prioritise your template. - Like this for example Template/ forum
or Sophia1233 - RP Leader. Your writing should be the key focus. You don’t need to spend a lot of time choosing how it should look.

Don’t be over-controlling - Its important no to entirely direct the course and flow of a thread. Allow the other RPers to make some decisions, even if the plot is unclear thread—this is easily done by leaving open-ended replies. For example, if two wolves are hunting a moose, the first character’s reply could detail their approach, the second could detail the selection of suitable prey, the third could detail the actual attack, so on and so forth. Each RPer gets to dictate a different part of the interaction and advance the story line a little; it’s more fun for everyone like this.

Don’t overdo the action, either. - Don’t over-stuff with action, changes, and alterations. A slight change of scenery, like the sun beginning to set, is great. A major shifts like cliff side cave beginning to flood, may not be so appreciated by the other people. Ask others before doing this kind of thing.

Overthinking can be a problem. - try not to get too into your character head. For example if they may miss there dead parents or pet but its really hard for people to reply to thoughts.

Show don’t tell - This is important in roleplaying and writing. Rather than telling your audience flat out how your character feels, you should show them instead. for example.

Tell - Klaus felt awful for what he had done.

Show - Klaus’s ears drooped and his eyes fell to the ground, unable to look at the other canine. The corners of his lips drooped in the beginnings of a frown, and when he opened his mouth to speak, he found shame had taken the words out of him.

Don’t Forget the Scenery - Sometimes in long threads scenery can be forgotten about. if the characters are standing outside in a forest talking for hours, maybe the sun starts to set and they have to begin making their way home, its a great way for characters to bond. Or if a character is sitting in the main camp tent late at night, perhaps a few NPCs join them for drinks and dancing.

Give Action - Note your character’s quirks, movements, body language, gestures, and so forth. Don’t overload your posts with action. Do remember that if your post is all thought and speech, there’s very little for the other writer to respond to. If you throw in a little bit of action into each post, it makes the thread that much more interesting.

Respond to Action- If the other character made a move, action, or betrayed something in their body language if your character was likely to notice. Do respond! if their character stepped forward in their RP post, perhaps your character steps backwards. Or not depending on the interaction.

@RPers - feel free to add your tips on a good RP post.


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Making a Good RP post: Tips and Tricks by melancholy

First who’s your character towards the core? Are they sarcastic? Optimistic? Their outlook and how the post is written is based on their extremely one-sided and skewed perception of the world around them. For example, I write a character of mine, Quintella, in an extremely skewed sense. She’s negative and so is her post. Her thoughts are pessimistic and that is reflected throughout the post. Instead of the green plant, her post would read the dying plant.

Next, where are they? Scenery, focus on it because it affects them. Maybe your character hates hot weather, but it’s August play with that. Grimacing as they walk into the humid area, wrinkling their nose at the smell of sweat. Showing and not telling works especially well for this.

Feelings, how is your character feeling? Are they tired? Then their body must be drooping, they must be limping in a way as they drudge through the way. Perhaps they’re drunk, their swaying, side to side and can’t really focus. Sad? Their eyes are watering. Each feeling brings out a physical and emotional action. What are they thinking? What are their ticks. If they’re nervous are they scratching their neck alot?

Dialouge, they actually have to respond. Are they scoffing? Perhaps they’re muttering something under the breath if they’re anti-social. Perhaps they’re speaking in their head to the other person. Give enough to go on with. What about body language, are their body turned away? Are they facing an opposite direction because they want to leave? Rolling their eyes?

What are they sensing? Can they smell the salty water of the beach? The floral sense of the garden? Can they see the blinding light of the sun? How about hearing, can they hear the secadas in the tree. Touch? What do they feel on their skin, perhaps the grainy wood bench. What are they tasting? Salty blood from being punched?



Make sure not to do random timeskips without permission. You can’t have one post skip hours, or even days without the permission of the RP owner (I made this mistake as a noob lol).


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Tips for a Good RP Post:
Make sure that your character’s personality is expressed by their posts. If they’re a shy person, use their body language and speech to make it clear that they are shy.
Write the post unique to your character. They could be doing the same thing as a different character would, but make sure it’s clear that that post could only fit your character. Show what makes your characters themselves. Give them their own voice. People don’t all talk the same, so give them their own typical way of talking. Give them their own typical actions and ways of doing things. It gives the other RPer something to react to in their post, and more for you to be able to develop.


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My tip would be to not worry about matching your co-roleplayer’s post length. It might be intimidating and sometimes embarrassing to reply a one-paragraph to a three-paragraph post, but what matters is that your post is relevant and necessary for the story to go through. Sometimes, worrying about it is the reason why you can’t reply for days and might also be the reason you’ll go out of character.

Dialogues is the best way to shape or bring a character to life. The dialogue should sound like how your character sounded in their personality paragraph(s). A good dialogue can really do you good : D and beside these dialogues, your actions should match what your character feels as well. Regarding these actions: to make them more natural, put yourself in their shoes. You might be a different person than your character, but everyone can act the same way despite the differences in attitude. And, eventually, you will also learn how to “manifest” your characters xD


I feel like just trying to match the speed of the person you’re playing with can help. or for example if someone likes long posts with lots of info, then give them more info. it might take a little longer, but it helps in the long run.

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