How to Manage Owning Multiple Characters in a Single RP

Owning one or two characters is relatively simple, but the more characters you have in an RP the trickier things can be. It is especially harder for newer RPers. Some RPs only will allow you to make a small number of characters, but others allow you to make as many as you want.

Here’s some tips on how to manage many characters.

Tip 1

Don’t ignore some of your characters.
Yeah, sometimes you’re going to like some of your characters more than others. It happens to all of us, especially the more that you have. However, don’t ignore the ones you aren’t as comfortable with or don’t like as much. You may find yourself liking them better in the end.

Tip 2

Don’t make them all a single gender.
Most RPers work better with one specific gender of characters, but if you’re making multiple, even out your personal gender ratio. Have male characters, females, and feel free to try some who don’t conform to the standard of male and female.

Tip 3

Make your characters stand out from each other.
When you make many, make them different from each other. Have characters of different looks, ages, sexualities, backgrounds, and especially personalities. What makes them unique from each other? Have one character be very outgoing while another is painfully shy, and another is somewhere between. They can share some traits, but make them stand out as different from one another.

Tip 4

Adjust the actions and speech to each character.
This goes along with Tip 3, but as you respond for them, give them their own way of talking and give them a unique thing they do. Maybe one speaks more formal, while the others are more casual. Maybe one girl always twists a strand of hair around her finger while she listens intently.

Tip 5

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
If you’re making multiple characters, make sure one of them is within your comfort zone, but other than that, experiment with them. Make characters that are beyond what you’re used to. You still will have the comfort provided by the character you are used to.

Feel free to give some tips of your own for managing multiple characters.



Love the way you lay the tips out.

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I rarely have only a single character in an rp
I just find it boring,
Making them different from each other can definitely do the trick but also if they’re similar make their similarities unique in a way, like making them siblings or something like that


Sometimes I worry about my characters’ personalities or the actions they take overlapping even though I give them different backgrounds, so I try giving them different personal goals and struggles to overcome and contrasting beliefs.

e.g: You may have more than one character that is untrusting but the reason behind that differs, so you’re essentially telling a different story.