How to play: Mafia

Before the game starts, each player will draw a card to determine the role:

The roles include:

Mafia side:

Kills on person each night. Avoid getting voted out during the day.

Town side:

Dìscuss during the day and vote out a mafia suspect

Heals one person each night. If the chosen person is killed, the person will stay alive.

Investigates an identity of a person. Will know if the person is a fillager or a mafia

During night time:

The mafia agree on killing on person. Meanwhile, certain players (special skills) will carry out their roles.

During day time:

The person who got killed will be out of the game. Only the person who died during the first night can have their last words. People who died the following nights are not allowed to talk.

The players are allowed to discuss and choose who to vote out. The assassins must gain the innocences side’s trust while the innocences must convince others that they’re good.

After discussing, everyone will start to vote the person they think who is most likely to be the assassin. The poll will last for 24hrs but it will be closed earlier if everyone has voted. The player voted out will reveal their role and they can have their last words.

For the mafia to win the game:

All the special skills OR all the villagers must be killed/voted out

For the town to win the game:

All the mafia must be poisoned/killed/voted out

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Other roles:

Mafia side:
Frame one person to each night, if the detective investigates the person who is franed, the person will be shown evil to the police.

Village side:

When killed/executed, they can pick a person to die with them. A hubter can choose not to use their ability.

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