How to Read Manga

Since they are of Japanese origin, mangas—even though translated to English—are read differently from the books you are used to reading. Reading mangas can be tricky, but it can get really fun if you know the ropes! So, this thread is going to be here to help you and give you tips on reading them.

  • You always read the manga panels from right to left as opposed to the one we’re used to. From online websites to apps to actual volumes, you’ll be reading it in chaos if you start reading it from right to left.
  • You also have to read from top to bottom. Though, there might be some versions where it follows the left to right sequence.

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  • Black manga panels symbolizes flashbacks.
  • In some, if not all, mangas, you may notice changes in fonts. What I noticed from these is that different fonts are assigned to different characters, which means that this can help you determine which character is speaking. Though they might also symbolize a change in dialogue emotion.

So, those are apparently the only ones I know or remember. I hope I somehow helped you xD If you have some more tips for the beginners, feel free to leave them here!


I was also confused about this back then :eyes:

Also, most of the mangas I’ve read before are in B&W. But you can also read fan-made colored versions online if you want. I don’t mind either way but I love how the colored ones hit differently.


My problem is figuring out whether it’s made to be read from right to left or from left to right :pensive:




Is that read from right to left or from left to right


Melborp ruoy


I heard kissmanga is ded :'0 you can download a manga app, but you have to pay to see the old chapters (this also goes with other manga wesites) I read OP so I somtimes go to that onepiecemanga site. I assume other mangas also have that-

I haven’t been reading them for months I forgot things :sob:

I actually find it weird switching back to left to right books after reading manga

I remember at first I was confused but I got the hang of it very quickly and now manga is the main thing I read.

If anyone is looking for a way to read manga legally for a low price I recommend the shonen jump app :eyes: it also lets you know if you swipe the wrong way when reading

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