How to Stay Motivated on an RP

There are just some times when we really looked forward to roleplaying in this certain RP, but then we suddenly lose motivation for it. It can be for so many reasons, and of course—for every problem, we can find ways for that!

Here are some (kinda proven) tips I have for you if ever you lose motivation to RP, but still want to stay!

Make your character "long-lasting."

One reason why we probably aren’t motivated about roleplaying is the most important aspect of it—the characters. I’ve been to this problem and I’ve noticed it; also why I feel like not RPing at all anymore.

So, what’s the solution? Create a character that can keep you on the hook for a long time. This is what I mean for “long-lasting.” If you, as the writer, are always excited to RP your character, then this is one reason that will also keep you away from giving up on roleplaying due to the loss of motivation.

Now, there are ways on how to pull it off and I believe, that as an awesome writer, you will be able to pull this off! And if ever you need help, there are many threads in this section that will surely help you with that!

Make sure you have a goal, too.

This is in connection to the first, probably, but make sure, that in the RPs you are in, you have a goal to reach. So, what can these goals be? A certain subplot for your characters is your go-to. When you know you have to reach something, especially if they are interesting enough for you and for others to watch out for, you should be motivated enough to stay!

Associate yourself with people.

I find that one of the reasons why I lose motivation is the loss of connection with other RPers in an RP. I’m not really great at making connections, though I can also be sociable which, I admit, is not really helpful in this kind of life. Having people around you, as much as you may want to deny this, is one way to keep you up not just in roleplaying but also in life in general. If you have them, they might just be one of your motivations or inspirations in being motivated to RP!

This community is friendly and sociable; don’t be afraid to make acquaintances here! Also, associating yourself with these people also give you more perks, such as being able to make different kinds of subplot between characters.

We always love subplots, don’t we?

Force yourself.

This might sound bad, but if you’re all for wanting motivation, you will of course do everything you can. In connection to the former tip, you can make your goals known by others, tell yourself you’re going to be punished if you won’t get this, etc. I do this a lot, and I must say it has been effective… kinda there was a more powerful force cri This will make you not want to disappoint yourself or others; thus, making you want to do this.

But, you know, again, there is a more powerful force than this. Sometimes, you just can’t bring yourself to stay motivated on an RP. Real life is still more important, and there is already a stress from there and I wouldn’t really want you to get stressed over something that’s supposed to be fun. So…

Rest. Break.

If you know you can’t, or if there’s just a lot to do in real life, don’t make RPing a burden to you. This is supposed to be fun, so take all the rest or break you can and do what you need to do—finish works and recuperate—and I promise you you will be refreshed and feel motivated to RP. I’ve done this, even if it was just three days, and it was effective. Not only did I get motivated to RP, but also life in general. Take things easy ^~^

@RPers, life is hard to manage. Here are tips I hope you’ll find helpful if you want to stay motivated on an RP. Share yours too!


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I feel like lately a lot of people have been in a dip of RPing and have been busy with their lives. @RPers, some of you might find this useful, I sure will. :grimacing:


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