How to: Tips for a well-written story

Heyy there! Welcome to dis thread where i give you some tips about writing a good story. Let’s see…

1) Character development: Before start writing your story, you have to create interesting characters. They need to have a purpose in the story ask yourself why do you create them? Give them personalities, make them have interests like: what’s their fave food, color, hobby etc. You can’t have all the characters in the story to be exactly the same for example they all like pizza and playing sports, they can differ at least a bit from each other but it doesn’t mean they can’t have some things in common.

2) Plot tips: Think of an original plot for your story. Let your imagination go wild bro! Now if you want to write a mafia story or a high school story, you can always put your own twists to them and make it original.
Another tip is to plan your story: The start, the middle and the end. For example if it’s a high school story in a normal world, don’t add vampires/fairies/hybrids or add pregnancy in a story which pregnancy isn’t planned if you run out of ideas, unless it’s in the plot.

3) Directing: If you don’t have any experience in advanced directing, watch tutorial videos and get help from guides, because directing has some sort of power and brings the story to life. Add your own overlays, use the tappable overlays feature, add zooms, experiment with those stuff and you might see a great result, however don’t only focus on the directing but on the plot as well.

Bonus tips

(Some are from Bronte and Joreph evans, so credits goes to them)

  • Add a cliffhanger in your episodes so you can keep your readers hooked in order for them to read the next episode and see what happens.

  • Always accept constructive critisism. You gotta listen to your readers’ opinions and not blow 'em off because their constructive critisism is like giving tips to improve your story, don’t take their opinions to heart.

  • Add choices to your story. To make it interesting make them matter and sometimes affect the ending based on them. But NEVER add a choice where the reader has to choose to do something and the choice is yes do it and no don’t do it, but the character still does whatever there is to do
    For example the party choice:

Go to the party

Nah, not in the mood

But the reader does go to the party no matter what you choose.

Hope this at leasts helps, if some tips aren’t mentioned above, feel free to reply with some :+1:


Thank you!

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