How to: Upload a PNG pfp without it being converted to a jpeg! ✨

So, as many of you have probably noticed, the forums seem to switch all our pngs to jpegs, which can make it hard to change your profile picture, especially if you want the background to be transparent. So here’s a short guide for getting your png pfps to work 99% of the time. :eyes::eyes:

Step 1: Compress the PNG image

I use for this, but there are other free websites that can do the same. Just add your file and wait for it to be compressed. Then download it to your phone (make sure to not use the “download all” button if you can’t unzip zip files!)
It’s pretty self explanatory, but I’ve added a screenshot explaining it, just in case :eyes::green_heart:

Step 2: Upload the compressed (transparent) PNG image as your pfp

It should now be small enough for the forums to not convert it into a jpeg! If you still have any issues, please comment on this thread! :eyes::sparkles: