How vampires are depicted in games

As our theme of the week this week is vampires let’s talk about vampire video games!

The first thing that comes to mind is the Castlevania series (which is what the netflix adaptation comes from) those are rad.

The next thing that comes to mind for some reason is RE8 (Resident Evil Village) just because of Lady Dimetrescu, since she’s some kind of vampire like best not to overcomplicate stuff she’s basically a vampire.

Then there’s many many many others too :joy: those are just examples

So, what games do you know that have vampires in?
How are the vampires portrayed?



Depends on what the game is about. If it’s a romance story game, the vampire will be a hottie with 100-pack abs. If it’s like an action game, they will be portrayed as really pale monsters who do nothing but crave and drink blood. So, yeah, depends on the game :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m guilty of playing this…

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I don’t know any games that have vampires in them :thinking:

@Gamers Do you know any games that have vampires in them? How are they depicted?


Uh… Bloodborne? Is that what it’s called?

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Vampire rain. For some reason called nightwalkers, buuuut they are strong bite your neck, drink your blood, turn you in to a vampire. Definitely not romanticising them (a trend i’ve started to hate) basically presented as something you don’t wanna fight unless you have the range, because otherwise you’ll die.

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There are vampires in Witcher 3! They’re a lil tough to fight but I got to grips with them.

I really only know otome games, where they’re portrayed as…extremely sexy. I honestly don’t mind, though. @gamers? Played any vampire games?

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