How worried are you about deadly viruses or an apocalypse?

I don’t really worry about things like that at all, although I occasionally think about what I’d do if they happened. I wouldn’t really buy any kind of survival kit or do a whole lot of preparation for anything like that, though.

@Discussions ~ Do you worry about that a lot?


Uh… well, we all have to die eventually, right? (shrug)

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Don’t worry about it too much
Like it sucks but we’re all gonna die one way or another and death doesn’t really scare me :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Nah, I’m prepared. Semper Paratus! And I think the sensible people after this all blows over will be too.

not worried at all,anyways we die in end :woman_shrugging:

Of course, COVID has made it that much more scary and possible that a world epidemic can spread through the human race so easily. With how “free” we are, we would be screwed.


I’m too busy worrying about school assignments to worry about anything else :eyes::sparkles:

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