How would y'alls characters text?

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  • Do they use proper grammar or is it SUPER informal. Do they send acronyms that don’t exist and expect you to understand them? Do they put “u” and “you” in the same sentence? Or do they say “yu”?
  • Do they use emojis? If so, which ones are their most frequent? Is it ironic or unironic usage?
  • Are they dryer in person or through messages? (Dry as in they respond in ways that are hard to reply to)
  • Which communication style would they prefer?
  • How do they laugh? is it a “HAHA” or “lmao” or even “:joy::joy:
  • Who do they text most frequently?
  • Do they make it obvious when they’re being sarcastic or just let you wonder? Do they think they made it obvious when they didn’t?
  • Are they more bold over text and less confrontational in person or the opposite? Is it equal?
  • Do they double or more than double text? Or just one and done.
  • All caps, all lowercase, or proper grammar?
  • Be honest, are they really laughing when they say they are?

I like this!!

  • I think that Eduardo would use proper grammar because he’s an honors student. EXCEPT for when he’s quoting a song. There, I feel that he’d write it exactly as it sounds in the song. For example, “Seasons change, and our love went co-o-old.” Ellie might be slightly more informal but still with good spelling and grammar. She’d probably make a lot of typos because she types as quickly as she thinks. I feel that they’d both text ‘you’ and not ‘u’. But Ellie might type ‘bc’ instead of because.

  • Ellie HAS to use emojis to convey how she’s feeling, because she’s a serious overthinker and doesn’t ever want anyone to misunderstand her tone. Her most frequent emojis are: :sob: :rofl: :zipper_mouth_face: :pensive: :yellow_heart:

  • Eduardo probably seems more serious in text because he likes to write properly. In person, he’s more informal.

  • They both prefer face-to-face communication.

  • I think they’d both use laughing emojis when laughing

  • Who do they text most frequently? I think Ellie usually texts her best friend, Mira. Eduardo texts his friends and his dad. They haven’t started texting each other yet, but in chapter 11 (which I’m currently writing) there will be a scene where they do text each other.

Ellie would probably make it obvious because she hates being misunderstood.

Eduardo is more confrontational in person. Ellie erases every single thing she writes and double triple checks, so she’s also bolder in person.

Eduardo usually double texts, and Ellie writes everything in the same paragraph

Ellie doesn’t usually use periods, but she always uses capital letters. Eduardo has proper grammar almost always.

Most of the time :joy:

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Tsumuji- uses a lot of emojis, her texting is super informal (when chatting with friends) she tends to send acronyms that she created and expects people to understand them too. She use’s ‘u’ Her most frequent emojis are: :pleading_face: :heart_eyes: :heart: :smile_cat: for laughing she uses: lmao :rofl:



Luna - it’s a mix between formal and informal. No she doesn’t send acronyms that doesn’t exist, she uses the already existing one. Luna uses ‘you’ and ‘u’. Her most frequent emojis are: :skull: :stuffed_flatbread: :confetti_ball:
They’re bolder on text ig.

:skull: or lol

whoever texted them first

She makes it obvious

sometimes proper grammar and others all lowercase

no, well most times.

Ari- she uses emojis, grammar is informal, ’ :joy: :joy:’ , they text their best friend most frequently, they dont make it obvious when their being sarcastic, their the same during text (more nicer though) all lowercase.


Nevaeh- proper grammar. She doesnt send acronyms that dont exist, she prefers ‘you’ but she sometimes uses ‘u’ when joking with a friend or flirting.

Their best friend/cousin




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Gaston: LOTS. OF. TYPOS. (and a selfie every minute)


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Aphro: LOTS of heart emojis :heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::heart::heartbeat::green_heart::yellow_heart::two_hearts::purple_heart::gift_heart::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::revolving_hearts::cupid::heart_decoration::black_heart::blue_heart::orange_heart:

Mik: He’ll not reply to your texts unless you’re important to him


Bill: he doesn’t like texting, he prefers to make a call

Arthur: His texts are very short, he doesn’t use emojis. He has no one to text, soooo

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Lmao this is Alawa, also :kissing_heart::star_struck: emojis.

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Ah, yes, I knew Bill preferred calling!

And, uh, Arthur… here’s my number! (inserts number)



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Alec uses the smirk emoji a lot, also: :eye::lips::eye: :skull:

And he types very informal(unless he’s talking to his parents)


Awww, thank you. Arthur needs some love

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Cancer - somewhat between formal and informal, favorite emojis to use :roll_eyes: :fu: :skull::zipper_mouth_face: when he’s being sarcastic he puts the ’ /s so others can know he’s sarcastic

Aella - supppppper informal, lmao random acronyms you don’t and she invented, a lot of emojis (:smirk::sunglasses: :grinning: :smiley:) when she’s being sarcastic or joking she makes you think she’s serious. Definetly types all upper case sometimes to annoy people.


@elixr have you done Aquarius ?

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Uhhh Sumana’s supposed to do that

Scorpio: very formal, doesn’t make grammatical errors. Often uses these emojis :fire::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::hot_face::smirk::wink:

Libra: sometimes formal, sometimes informal. Depends on who she’s texting

Nylathria: stalks GCs but never texts/replies


Oof I meant scorpi-

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I haven’t really thought that much specifically about how my characters would text honestly. Most of them probably lie somewhere in the middle between more formal and more informal. I guess it depends on what they have going on and who they’re texting, as it would impact most of them on how they text.

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