How would your character react to being lied to?

How would your character react to being lied to? Would they ever forgive the other character?

Does your character ever lie to others? Have they ever been caught in a lie?


Elodie May DeLoughrey
Of course, she wouldn’t like that or appreciate it but she wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Deep down she would be mad and sad, but she would forgive the person and act like it’s nothing. Which is a bad thing but that’s her!
She also doesn’t like to lie and has never been caught in a lie, at least not a big one.

Dorian DeLoughrey
Oof, yeah, he wouldn’t react well to it! But I think it depends on the lie. He would argue with the person but if that person is a close friend he would forgive them.
And he doesn’t necessarily lie… He just says certain things to get what he wants! So yeah…
Yeah he does lie ahahaha

title- suprised but deep down not suprised, a lil angry if it matters, otherwise he doesnt care
2- yeah prolly
3- yes :joy:
4- so many times

-a bit hurt, will grill you
-yes if she cares about them, ghosts them if they don’t matter to her
-white lies
-no :see_no_evil:

-would prolly try fooling herself into thinking you did nothing wrong
-yes too easily
-yes white lies to protect feelings or get out of trouble

-hurt, maybe a lil angry
-takes alot
-yea :joy:

Daniel Parker:
Daniel hates being lied to - there’s this subliminal need to be in control of his life and lies hinder that ability of his so he loathes them and loathes people who lie (or try to lie) to him. So, as of right now, Daniel Parker has a “No forgiving” policy. A one strike and your out rule, so to speak. It’s ironic, however, because Daniel practically lies (or in his words, work around the truth) very often. But, he’d never lie to someone he really cares about. He may do some white lies, but he’d never lie to them.

Jessica Pierce:
DO NOT LIE TO JESSICA. Disclaimer: Whoever lies to her will lose her faster than when she disappeared up out of nowhere. Jessica values the truth, and perhaps it’s a family thing, but lies make her lose all trust in others. Jessica does not lie. If she doesn’t want to answer a question, she’ll avoid it. But she won’t ever lie. Not even white lies - she just won’t say anything or randomly change the conversation away from the topic (so it’s usually fairly easy to tell when Jess is hiding something).

Jordan Williams:
I feel like Jordan lives by the rule of “Are you lying for the benefit of the other person” type of deal. He hates to lie, but there have been times where’s had to do it. But Jordan avoids lying to those he cares about, and like Jessica, if it’s someone he really cares about - he’d just move away from the conversation than risk lying to them.

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Tala would be disappointed, but depending on the lie, she won’t hold a grudge. She forgives but not forget :eyes:


France will see if the lie is reasonable enough, and if it’s not—she might hold a grudge.

Noah will not forget the lies, but he’ll try to understand why you did that. He’s a bit like France, except he only hold grudges if he’d been lied to a coupld of times.

Lyra would be upset about being lied, but she will always forgive. That’s her weakness, actually.

Nessie is emotional, so she might be really upset about it. She might say she forgives, but she won’t be genuine about it and not treat you the same.

Ethan would be upset.

Well someone sure did and just did :eyes: she’s in CH living a lie

I don’t think so :thinking: oh wait, she has been

There are some RPs where lies are commonly told by characters, particularly when the RP is based on characters having secrets. In those RPs, your character will have information hidden from them, and they will almost certainly be lied to at some point or another. It could be a lie about something minor and trivial, or it could be a large lie, whether it impacts them directly or not. The lie could be for the character’s (the one being lied to) own good, or it could even be to hide something that the liar doesn’t want people to know such as a mistake or trauma.

How would the reasoning of the lie impact how your character would react? How would the severity of the lie change their reaction?


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@katabasis ivadene :full_moon_with_face:


It kind of depends on who told the lie, but most of my characters wouldn’t be surprised anymore

murder :smiley: :+1:

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Overall, with my characters it would depend on the severity of the lie, who was involved, why they were lied to, and to an extent how they would find out. The circumstances would very much change the reaction for all of them, but the most consistent character that comes to mind for how they would react, is a character of mine from BR2, Logan. She would not react well to being lied to at all. Being lied to is a quick way to anger her, and you will easily lose her trust, and it is extremely difficult to regain it as she doesn’t trust easily.

Lol, run.