How would your character react to Covid-19? 🦋

If Covid started in the rp your character is in, how would they react? How would it change the corse of their life/the rp?


They’d be more productive than me :flushed:

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Put them under lockdown too :joy:

Well, the main character from my story would probably complain, cry, and be a total drama queen about it. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Ezumi would die xD

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Aki would go full Doctor mode.

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I think Cami would be one of those who doesn’t believe it until she witnesses it herself or just doesn’t care and would just continue, so she’d be in a hospital right now :blush: as for Ives and Jayleen, they’d be #bettersafethansorry

I think my FTD characters won’t really be bothered, except Kohana definitely

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