I am so sorry Eliza!

TW: Talk of my attempt in part 2, to not get trigger, don’t read the blutted part 2.

Well this awkward. But here I go. I have had this amazing wife for just over a month now, but sadly, I have to divorce her. Why? I’ll explain that right now.

Part 1: Marriage

So, for this part, I’ll talk about our forum-marriage. @Eliza and I were offically married on August 7th. Duriing that time, 4 days earlier, I met my bestfriend @K-popcorn(now know as @rozie). Anyway, Eliza and I had our wedding and were just hanging out. Though over this past month, we haven’t talked much. Maybe it’s timezones or something else.

Part 2: Loneless

During this time, the world was doing online school, and I had started my summer. Meanwhile, I was lonely. VERY LONELY. So, I randomly proposed to Eliza. No reason behind it other than I knew her. As I said I felt lonely, mainly because of COVID. But then I get a message from my maid of honor for the wedding saying she felt “unvalued/unrespected” by me and continue to list everything wrong with our friendship(which keep in mind has been ongoing for 2 years) and when I replied to the message and got concered because she had NEVER told me these things before, she deleted the message and left it. Fast forward a few weeks, I meet my online friends Maggie and Ashanti. Then from there, I was building a friendship with them, 3 months in, I tell them about my suicide attempt. Then a few weeks later, I hear my friend Jinu(@K-popcorn, now Rosie and @rozie) was buillied by a few users on EF. So, I confronted them though they denied the bullying. By then, I already had built a bond with Rosie so strong that I would already die for her. So then this bumps to this week. I ask Ashanti if we are still friends because it has been a bit since we talked. And she said “No.” Which broke my heart because I trusted her. Then @rozie and I had strengthed our bond even more after I told her about Ashanti. My heart was already broken into more pieces.

Part 3: Soulmates leading to breakup.

As @rozie and I connected more than ever the last few days, we realized that we are more alike then ever. Then she when propsed that we are soulmates, I whole-heartadly agreed because I finally found a way to explain my feeling for her.

Part 4: Finale

Now, this is the end. In conclusion, @rozie is my soulmate and we are planning to meet up irl whenever possible.

Tags of people in this post(who I mean no harm to in any way):
@TheBadGirl8 @Moonlight_bvby(you weren’t really mentioned but ya know) @rozie @Eliza


And I’m single forever because I love my fictional crushes too much. don’t judge me.

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I don’t.


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My brain can’t handle this-


I honestly don’t know what to do. I sound so stupid.

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Happy birthday :kissing_heart::wink:





i didnt wanna have to do this but-

let me straighten things up again !

-i moved on from all ur bullshit on Ef
-we never denied bullying because we didnt to begin with

-if u have “the strongest bond ever” with this popcorn that u would choose his words over like 10 peoples then go ride or die with it idc so

dont mention me EVER again

-seriously (that kid needed help and popcorn admitted it just like you)
you both have mental illness so im glad u found each other

leave Ashanti alone, she is my bestfriend and will be forever
She is loyal and kind which is why she wont talk to u
not only have u befriend me but some of her other friends so your “broken heart” should be expected
i wont respond to these things ever again

please grow up


Geez, if you didn’t want to be mentioned, you could’ve just ignored it.

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its not about the mentioning, she brang up stuff from episode forums which wasnt neccessary

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Ah, I see.

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My poor little mind can’t handle all this-


This is-
Like look, first you wrongly accuse my friends, fast forward a few months later you ask me if I’m your friend, then you make this post, like pleaseee leave me alone, don’t bring up stuff from the past and put it on a thread, and make it be the first and last time that you ever mention or tag me in a thread, like girllllll get a life, pls.
Now lemme stop wasting my virtual ink on this thread.


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Ok but seriously this seems personal why make a whole thread about it? Why not just pm the people involved instead of making a whole topic?

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I give up. @ForumStaff just close this.

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Closed by OP request!