I Don't Know How To Tell Someone Their Story is Bad - Help Me?

I volunteered to review an unpublished story. I usually pick out all the things I like from a story and cushion what could be taken as harsher criticism with compliments, I find people feel more encouraged that way. I can’t find anything positive to to say about this one and there are a lot of negative critiques just sitting in my notes with no cushion, my title here was a bit dramatic the story isn’t the worst the writing just isn’t working with the ideas, there are ways this person can fix that but I’m not sure how to tell someone to gut their story without sounding like a big ol’ b!tch. Help me, someone, anyone, please.


I suggest to be honest, but say it calmly.


Just tell it like it is. You can’t read because of terrible grammar? Tell them that. The plot drags? Tell them that. But give them examples and ways to improve too so that it doesn’t seem like you’re just bashing them.


If you still need help, just tell it like it is. If they take it negatively that’s their problem. You’re just doing what you were told, reviewing their story. They asked for constructive criticism, and if that’s too big of a pill to swallow then they shouldn’t have asked for it


I would be honest and say to her. that your review aren’t that positive.

She might get angry she might not. I the other day got angry when a person who reviews my story told me it wasn’t worth readingdespite the fact everyone else had told me it was amazing that hurt.

if no one has told her that her story is bad it will maybe be a surprise for her. maybe she thinks she has done amazing. but I think its best you tell the truth. but do it in a helpfull way

example, they your grammar arent that good may I suggest you run it through Grammarly

there is this scenes with bad directing, maybe try and fix it. here is how


Just tell the person but try to also give suggestions on how to improve. If the person actually wants to improve, they’ll appreciate it :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

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I think that you should try and give specific feedback, just so that they can actually improve their story. The way to tell people their story sucks in the nicest way is to offer some more useful feedback than “your story sucks.” You can say “this idea wasn’t compelling” or “this particular scene falls a bit flat,” which at least points to specific areas to improve on.

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“Dude it sucks no shade sorry bruh”


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