I might quit trying to write on Episode

I’m in a reflective mood today and I wanted to share this.

All my life, I wanted to see my stories portrayed visually. I’ve always loved TV shows and the way they developed their characters. When I found Episode and found that I could visually see what was happening in my stories (potentially) I got extremely excited. I’ve been on there for years and read a lot of stories, and gotten pretty decent at directing. I only published two stories and they were both terrible so I hid them. I wrote them when I had more naive confidence… but it was the writing of a thirteen-year-old and eventually, I realized that and got tired of those stories myself.

Episode as a platform has its own flaws. But I think I’m sh!t at writing in this format. I’ve tried for years and had a lot of ideas, yet never got close to publishing or even close to having more than one episode. I’m good at writing, but I don’t think my writing will progress if I keep trying this medium.

In general I’ve been having a lot of writers block and uncertainty, but I think that if I continue with trying to write a novel or even finish another short story, I can get better in that area. Even though I won’t be able to see my ideas visually, they will take form when I write them instead of my saving them for an Episode story that will never be released.

Perhaps I could get better, but I think with just writing stuff out traditionally there is a lot more potential for me in terms of growth and success.

I was wondering if anyone else ever felt like this, even with another part of their lives. Like, as realizing you need to stop trying to do something a certain way and need to dedicate your time and powers to something else.


Writing on Episode for me has always been difficult. I felt it already took to a lot of time to create an engaging storyline and plot for the characters, then creating choices and editing the story to fit the players’ choices to fit everything makes everything twice as complex.

But of course, there’s the main issue of Episode, which is the coding. Like, I’m not a coder. I’m a writer. I get exhausted from writing a few lines of “code” and by that point, I just pray that it runs properly.

And at the end of the day, how many good stories are actually on Episode? Between the coding, the writing, and a coherent storyline for each choice, good story ideas can quickly deteriorate.

Anyway, I can see why you would want to switch to a different platform. In fact, I’d encourage you too. And also let me know when any of your stories are published :wink:


Yeah, i rlly struggled to do like anything with the coding stuff


Are you still deciding or have you quit, lovely?

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