I Need Advice About Religion

Something strange happened and I need opinions.

SO to anyone who doesn’t know- I believe in ghosts, demons, angels… etc. I believe I can see and talk to ghosts too.

Anyway… I believe there is a God/Gods, but I don’t know what I believe about it, and it’s mostly remained questionable for me.

Well one night I was tossing and turning about it and got the urge to look up “How to Connect With God” and tbh that didn’t really work much, but I got the idea to say in my mind… that if there really was a God, to please give me a sign that this God cares about me, and exists. If I don’t get a sign/answer then I will know that the God doesn’t care about me.

Then, two strange things happened. At first I thought I wasn’t going to get a sign, but then the next day, my teacher complimented me on my work in class. I don’t think she normally does this and I had been feeling very uncertain of the work I was putting into that class, and had been stressing about that for a long time.
That could be coincidental, but it’s just strange that that was the very next day.

Then, I don’t remember when I saw it but as I was in the car to school I saw a sign that said- “Looking for a sign? Here it is!”

Which just blew me away. Now I have no idea what to think!

I very much need opinions lol.

Something to add: I also have a connection to the cross for some reason. Idk way. But I had a dream where Jesus (don’t really believe in him, I know he existed but…) and in the dream his house made out of this wood I think burnt down and then he ran through the forest, something chasing him or him chasing something, and while he was running he handed me a cross necklace thing. And ever since I’ve been like connected to it.

I kinda want to explore Christianity and see where that takes me, because I have a connection to it. But I don’t know where to begin! Does anyone have any advice about this?


Best place to begin is read the Bible.
(Preferable scolfeild king James version)

Learn what you can.

God Loves you. When you read it you learn who God is what he has done

The promises he has made and moreover love that he has and continues to have.

You can also talk to Christain people and ask questions. Reach out and find a Pastor to get answers.

Maybe you wanting a sign is a sign.

If evil and demons exsist why cant the oppisite be true God who loves you for you and accepts your flaws

But yeah…thts it…


Yeah I’ve seen some strong signs in the past. I might look up some christian channels on YT and maybe look at a bible (I know my family has one somewhere lol). But my family isn’t religious so this is probably gonna be a bit weird if I just out of the blue pick up a bible, but I feel drawn to it and feel a connection to this God. Thanks!


Youtube definently is helpful and more discreet than just buying a Bible out the blue.

Goodluck I hope you find the answers you seek.


I already know a good christian youtuber that I agree with! I’m just gonna look up several and see if they have similar views and if so I will watch them and get advice and look deeper into the religion.


christian just mean beliveing that god exist. the bible is the word of and that jesus. if you do that you are christian.

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Oh yes! I agree wholeheartedly with Willow the best thing to do is read the King James Bible it’s God’s true word and I’m sure it’ll have the answers you need as well. But here’s the thing God isn’t a genie so it may take him some time to really show you what you need, but you’ll need to have hope. Also if you want I can send you a link to some bible studies I do a lot and they’re really helpful.


You can also download a Bible app on your phone. I use the YouVersion app and it has the Bible in many languages and versions. There are even study plans that you can read if you want clarity about a specific theme or topic.


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I don’t believe in religion. I never have honestly and all the church ministers who came to my school to give lectures about Christianity are crackpots. Kind of put me off the whole thing.

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Thanks people- figured it out! No longer need advice.