I need female LimeLight clothes

I need a hsopital gown, but the only one avaliable is with a pregnancy tummy and my MC is not pregnant. Could you help me, please?

Get a really flowwy one, it will be awesome sized once put on.
But I don’t use episode so I cannot garruntee.

Which one?

Dunno. Ask a episode user. Sorry :sparkles::cat:

I think there is an oversized blue shirt you could use?

There are scrubs you can use! It’s not the same thing as a hospital gown, but you could have scrubs for the patient and then different scrubs for the doctors!


I can search for shorty shorts or a skirt that natches in blue and keep the scrubs for doctor.

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Get navy sweatpants and a baggy shirt perhaps?

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Do you still need help?

Not currently becuse I’m dropping the story for a while

Would you like the thread to be closed?

Eh sure