I Need Help Writing A Bisexual LI

So I am learning more about bisexuality, meaning is a romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior toward both males and females, or to more than one gender.

So I am writing my very first LI as Bisexual, because he had a past love which is a woman, and they both didn’t have a good relationship with each other, so he moves off from his previous relationship, and later meets my MC who is Gay, and he also had a previous relationship but it didn’t end well. Both, the MC and LI, are a bit in common between their previous relationships. Like ups, and downs. Like, lack of communication, personality differences, lack of time spent together, etc.

It’s kinda hard trying to think of two characters who are the antagonists, and both are the MC and LI, exes. Like the idea just came to mind, and I wondered if there are any stories with the MC and LI, exes. If that make sense? So, I wanted to try it out.

Also, this is my very first time writing a Bisexual character. So, please, in the comments, drop down things I should do, and not do when writing a bisexual character. This story is set in fantasy. So, I am trying to learn more, and understanding bisexuality.

Also, when I wrote my stories A Prince’s Curse, and FT: His Nightingale, both are gay romance stories, and both have received a good amount of feedback, and I still want to avoid stereotypes. Because I got inspiration from shows, and comics, that do not fetishize gay romance or homosexuality. because I know there is a lot, that does, and I’m avoiding it.

I mainly read gay stories that focus more on the plot, then their sexuality comes in, along adding drama, comedy, etc. And I am writing a new story called The Traveler.

So, yeah, I feel very nervous lol. But hey, it’s all in learning and understanding. So, let’s talk!

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I think it’s safe to say that you giving any dialogue by a person saying any genuine remarks about the illogical assumption that any bisexual, pansexual person only wants polyamorous relationships or (stuff with multiple people) is a big no. You can make jokes within the characters, because as a member of said sexualities, it can be a funny joke with other members.

Even with that said, some people who are sexually attracted to multiple sexes and genders DO actually enjoy that stuff so don’t be afraid to have one of them like that. Just don’t cliche it and do give them more depth than that.

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Awesome, but how do I avoid being it cliche, and having more depths? I’m still learning more about it. lol

Hm, I’m still trying to understand this point, so basically, it’s like um, a person who is bisexual/ pansexual, talks about themselves wanting to have a polyamorous relationships means that they don’t? Like it’s a stereotype? Did I get that correct?

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Mmm, not exactly. Yes it’s a stereotype, but it’s stereotyped by NON bisexual/pansexual people. I’m saying people who are not members of their community (unless close with the members, and have a pass which is unlikely but still) should not be making those jokes, and if they are, have a member go off on them or educate them.

Basically, if a bisexual/pansexual does enjoy that stuff (not all of them do) it doesn’t need to be brought up exactly but if they wanna make a joke about “oh I wish I was doing this/that right now” (they can still want it but be using it humorously) it’s okay. Just make any other jokes about them more telling of their personality.

I hope that makes sense lol

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Any jokes made by them (about them) more telling, is what I mean to say^^

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Ahh now I get it because I’m not bisexual/pansexual, since I just found out that I am AroAce. So, it’s good to learn and know to aviod being it that way. lol Yes, it does make sense.

So, um, like I want to write this scene where the MC and the LI talk about themselves. Their likes/dislikes, past love/previous relationships. because the LI only fell in love with a woman, and the relationship didn’t exactly end well, so it was his first relationship, and the MC will be his last. The same goes for the MC, as well.

So, is there anything I should avoid when they are talking about themselves? or it’s okay?

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I mean, are their specific things that you want to have them say when talking about their past? Especially anything sexual preference related or to who they do the deeds with?

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  • How did they meet?
  • What was their relationship like?
  • How did it end?

Hm, hopefully not too much questions.

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I don’t think there is anything you should “avoid” unless a character wants to.

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Ah, okay. So, nope, nothing to aviod, since I think their both trying to be honest to each other.

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Yep! Good luck. If you have any other questions just tag me on here!!

@LGBTCommunity anything other do’s and do not’s that you can think of?

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Awesome! Thank you!

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