I Need Some Study Tips!

This isn’t exactly school-related- it’s driving-related, so I don’t exactly know where to put this so… @ForumStaff feel free to put it wherever you see fit

So I’m currently studying for the permit test- the test that lets me start driving. I have the traffic law book but it is very boring. I was wondering if anyone had any study tips to study something super boring like this book. I have been studying- not a lot, but I have been doing a practice test a day and I have been passing those (although, almost failing on some of them)

Anyway- any tips?


No idea if it will help or not, never had to study for a learning permit :woman_shrugging:
But have you tried some driving apps? something interactive might help process it, being involved instead of reading from a page.


Oof- nope, I’ve done practice tests online- but I might see if there are any apps. Thanks!

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There are some learning to drive ones specifically, but might be something game like too.
I was bored and downloaded another street racing game app the other day and it made me do an entire questionnaire thing on first aid and road signs etc before driving, which was pretty cool actually, so they are out there