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  • Sleep

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The last thing you remember hearing while you drift off to sleep was a soft, mysterious melody…

That night, you dreamt of a lady who wore a long white gown. She was smiling but her eyes didn’t quite match the warm smile she was giving you. Behind her was a young child who looked at you curiously as if you were the first person she has ever seen apart from the lady in front of her. The lady opened her mouth to say something. Her words were clear at first, but her voice faded away little by little as she spoke.

“When you wake up, you will find yourself in a familiar yet unknown place. Everything will seem the same but not if you look closely enough. Do not trust anyone, for your friends may be foes. Find the others…”

Infinite worlds
Similar but different
Eternal flames burning in the heart of every world
Keeper of all worlds will fall
And the worlds shall collide
Inevitable chaos will be unleashed and Khaos shall reign


Will be continued next week… (hopefully)


Closed due to inactivity :eyes::green_heart: