I Would Really Appreciate Your Help

Hi everyone,

You might not have seen me around a lot lately. That’s because I’ve been going through some stuff at home. And to keep my mind off it, I’ve been working really, really hard on my tutoring website to get it up to scratch for January. I’ve been setting up the social part of my website and I could really use some help from you all.

Let me explain.

How it Works

Usually, I charge people £28 per hour for a one-to-one tutoring session with me. However, I really want to make tutoring affordable to more people and also to allow me to make a steady income. So, I thought it would be a great idea to create a subscription service!

Basically, the idea is that people can choose one of six different membership tiers and each one of them gives you more help and support to get you through English at school:

£5 per month gets you worksheets, tips, posts and access to the social features of the website. This includes groups, forums, etc. It’s a lot like the ShanniiWrites website, but this is the polished, finished version (or more polished and more finished, at least).

£10 per month gets you everything in the previous tier plus a weekly podcast about English.

£15 per month gets you everything in the previous tiers plus a weekly webinar that’s in the style of a university lecture to prepare you for uni.

£20 per month gets you everything in the previous tiers plus a weekly stream about English.

£40 per month gets you everything in the previous tiers plus a weekly group class of between 10 and 25 people. It’s supposed to be like the seminar side of the uni thing.

£60 per month gets you everything in the previous tiers plus monthly feedback for an essay of up to 3000 words.

So, the aim is to have up to 20 people on the £60 tier, up to 100 on the £40 tier and then as many as they want on the other tiers. Hopefully, if we get a couple hundred people by 2022, I could do this after university! That’s my aim (so I will need help with promotion until then).

I’m going to eventually do my “Get an A in a Worksheet a Day” campaign (copyrighted).

Where You Come In

Well, you see, I need your help. For two reasons.

  1. The website is kinda dead at the moment. I need people to help me to populate the forums and groups. Socialise with one another, ask questions, talk to me, show that I’m friendly and kind, have fun with the gifs (and stick to the rules while you’re at it). That way, new paying users won’t feel like the place is dead when they join. I might even ask a bunch of you to stay on for a month or two after the new users join to keep up the activity.

  2. I need people to bug test for me. Go through the website, tell me what works and what doesn’t work. Tell me what you think needs more attention. Screenshot stuff for me (like the block button because I have NO CLUE what it looks like) and talk to me about colours, etc. Plus try out all of the features. The private messages, etc. Tell me how easy it is to tell where things are and how to use the service. Unfortunatelty, there is no dark mode. I can’t add that, at the moment, since it isn’t working very well with ShanniiWrites.

Would anyone be up for that? I’d love at least 20 people to help me, if I could get that. The more, the merrier. You would have access to my website, ShanisTutoring, free of charge. You would be able to keep any of the worksheets, suggest new worksheets, etc. I’m hoping we can get this out soon, because people are still isolating in the UK and it might help them with homeschooling.

Don’t worry if English isn’t your first language. I have an English as a Foriegn Language section, too! So you can post there!

How You Can Take Part

Just drop me your email. Either by DM or on this thread. Also, tell me what username you’d like to go by. Then, I will add you and you’ll get an email.

This is because you can’t sign up to the site for free, so I need to add you to the back end so that you don’t get charged.

Does this sound good to anyone? I’d really appreciate the help!



Oh and please keep the usernames appropriate! This is an educational website, after all!


here’s what the website looks like for me :eyes:


Awesome! If you join groups, you should get access to documents, too. Right now, I only have one document up for GCSE English Language, though!


i should now be a member of all the visible groups (of which there are nine) but i still see no documents there :eyes:


Oops! I made a mistake with the settings! Try now?


The documents setting is the thing I’m most proud of. It’s like Dropbox but in my website!


it works!

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Yay! You should be able to see all of them in the worksheets tab on the left, too, now!

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@passionfruit have you joined the Group Sessions sub-group and seen the zoom meeting yet? :eyes:

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nope i shall test that out :eyes:

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Hehehe it looks so coooool

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@Announcements don’t forget to send me your email address and preferred username if you want to participate!


I can help out!

My email: episodeizzy74@gmail.com
And just the same username as here!

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I sent you your password! :wink:

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i really like the countdown timer, although it’s a bit hard to tell what time it’s being hosted at here

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It’s been kinda stuck on this home screen lol, I can’t access the worksheets. I can close out of it but can’t seem to get to the worksheets.

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Weird! I’ll see what I can do


Hey everyone! I just wanna say the offer is still here! I’m gonna be doing some classes and stuff in the coming week1