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MC, a 17 years old girl, realizes she can talk with the spirit living in her doll. The spirit instructs her to go to an abandoned mansion. She then find herself locked up in that mansion with her best friend and her crush. They have to complete many challenges that will unwrap brutal and deeply hidden secrets. Who will survive?

Summary: The MC, thought that there was a spirit living in her doll and talked to her every night. The spirit asked her to go to an abandoned mansion to find his/her body and cremate it so he/she could move on. When she arrieved there, she saw her best friend and her crush. The three of them had been locked up in the mansion and had to complete the challenges to get out. MC then found out she could read the others two’s minds. But she was so wrong. It wasn’t a spirit she had talked with in the first place. Someone placed in the doll and the funirtures in the mansion some source of device that could manipulate human’s brain waves and made them heard things. That person lured the three of them in just to play some sick games to sastify the person’s crazy obsession with Escape Room. He/she wanted to kill them of one by one. All of them thought they could read the others two’s minds but it was just the results of their mind being manipulated. He/she would let them hear what he/she wanted them to hear. From being allies, they soon turned into enemies, the trust between them had disappeared. Was one of them the true killer? Or was it someone else sitting in the dark watching them slowly dying?

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