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“just tell them we’re animorphs.”

“tell them we’re what?”

“idiot teenagers with a death wish.”

Twenty years ago, the greatest battle in the history of humanity was fought. Twenty years ago, a secret war between us and the unknown was brought to the light. Twenty years ago, the world would never be the same.

And the world forgot it all.

In the blink of an eye, the war with the Yeerks, the technological advancements made with extraterrestrial resources, and any interplanetary connections made were gone from Earth’s collective consciousness. Life went on as it did before- everything regarding life outside of the planet became completely obscured, until it became only scientific fiction once more.

And then, Jupiter disappeared.

It isn’t every day a planet disappears, and while the scientists of Earth were hard at work attempting to find the reason behind this phenomena, they took to overlooking other things.

Such as the number of seemingly unrelated people across the globe coming down with an fervent paranoia, raving of the evil darkness with many faces.

The strange going-ons of the massive tech conglomerate Berenson & Co.

And the group of kids that just so happened to have the misfortune of being tasked with saving the world.

You’ve just experienced a night that will change the course of the rest of your life. Something went terribly wrong twenty years ago, and you now have the power to connect the dots. Use your abilities. Find out what happened.

Because there are others like you.

And they might not be your friends.


Hi there, friends! For anyone who didn’t read the post on the New Ideas Thread, here’s the basic run-down.

So, I’ve been wanting to do this roleplay for YEARS, and finally came up with a way to do it that wasn’t just a copy of the original! This takes place ~20 years after the end of the original series, so pretty much 2023, for simplicity’s sake.

You don’t have to have read the original books- it’s probably gonna be more fun that way, too, since you’ll be in the same position as your characters! Don’t worry, any necessary info or lore tidbits will be filled in for you :)

  1. Just some housekeeping- no bigotry, no fighting OOC, no brigading characters, and no anti-capybara propoganda.

  2. This is a literate roleplay, though quality and quantity are equally important- try to get at least three paragraphs every few days! Of course, life happens, writers’ block sucks, just give a heads-up!

  3. This roleplay will contain themes of injury, death, body horror, mind control, Lovecraftian beings, nihilism, and other possibly triggering topics. No age minimum for this roleplay, just make sure you can handle it!

  4. This roleplay will work a bit differently than some others- there will be a few preset roles, and you can choose to apply for one! Depending how many people decide to apply, I will keep it either first-come, first-serve, or choose which characters I think fit best. I will be accepting up to seven, though, so it’s most likely that everyone will get in, and I’ll just pen new roles to account for any extra characters.

  5. Have fun! :D


the instinct. - Perhaps they never wanted to lead. Perhaps they revel in it. Whatever the case, The Leader is the first person anyone turns to when conflict arises, their level-headedness a key ability both in battle and out. The question is- will the pressure of the lives on the line catch up to them?

the fang. - Despite their good-natured demeanor and never-ending quips, this class clown is anything but. Their joking facade covers up a callous and calculating mind, one they rarely show, and circumstances may just demand they trade their silver tongue for a steel blade.

the claw. - The loose cannon of the group, the Claw is the first to jump into a fight and the last to follow orders. Pretty as a picture on the surface, with a quick mind and battle lust that’ll leave your head spinning- but will their headstrong nature save lives, or cost them?

the heart. - The Heart is the moral compass of the group. Though they aren’t afraid to jump into the fray alongside their teammates, they often are judged due to their tendency to question the ethics of their decisions.

the wing. - Head in the clouds and an unchained spirit, this flippant character is the most observant, yet also the most quiet of the group. Despite this, The Wing is more passionate about the cause than any other member- almost to a concerning degree.

the others. - I will be open to accept up to seven people for this roleplay. If you have a character idea that doesn’t fit into one of these roles, feel free to message me so we can work something out!


lore - here.
characters - here.
applications - here.


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Sorry, but just so I understand there are going to only be seven characters in the role play or there are only seven “special” roles?


so, there will be 7 characters total and 7 roles ^^


Working on my character, probably will submit later today. :hatched_chick: Also on the applications, it doesn’t let us choose the age it shows up as “option 1”.


omg i’m such a smallbrain, tysm for letting me know!!




good oooh or bad ooh? :p




quick i know but i submitted


I submitted un character :hatched_chick:


Let me know if anything needs changing


she looks great! i put her in the character slides, which will be up later tonight ^^


Hmm…I just might join. I’ve read enough to know the main details.


trust me, it’s gonna be a ton of fun! ik you like horror and there’s gonna be some solid horror later on ^^


I’d bet. The Yeerks from the series were freaky. No body snatching slugs for me٫ please.


not to fear, we do not possess any body-snatching slugs probably hehehe, and have instead replaced them with paranoia and beings of mass exestential horror! :D


Yay, it’s worse!~


This sounds really funnn

I’ll join if I have time :eyes: do we need to reserve?


you don’t need to reserve, but you can! <3


I’ve submitted a character. I haven’t read any of the books. So here’s hoping for a guiding hand.

Yes I will be active if I get in.

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