If Covid 19 Didn’t Happen in 2020

Honestly, if this virus didn’t happen, what were some things you would have been doing back in 2020. Hm, for me, I’ll say continuing to work, earn enough salary to start my photography business, practice driving since I am still nervous/scared, and trying still take care of myself. what about you? Also, some of my family members would still be alive around that year. Sigh. If anyone had lost a family member/friend to the virus, my deepest sympathies to you and your family.


We would be having a normal graduation ceremony and all of those interesting activities that sadly didn’t happened in high school, meet with my friends more, going into college earlier (should be in semester 2 or 3 right now), travel more with my family, already got my driving license (I’m having a test later good luck to me lmao).


I would’ve had a normal high school year, traveled more, started going to college in person. And I would’ve found a job way more easily.


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I failed at side parking lmao but I wasn’t surprised or disappointed tho cuz I already know what the ending will be. I already knew I was gonna panic and forgot everything all of the sudden XD


Still have my aunt, travel to different places, probably have worse grades


For one shining moment, pollution was down worldwide during the shut-downs in 2020. That’s literally the only shining moment I can think of.

China ate Hong Kong, racism kicked up several notches, millions died, and the economy’s so bad that no one can afford the therapy sessions that would help with the grieving process…not to mention more unrest and civil disputes left and right, with many countries fighting their own governments. Oh, and rampant killer hornets destroying beehives. I’m going to sleep. Wake me up when the rich evacuate to Mars and leave us all behind in the aftermath.


Maybe my nephews would still be living here. Or at least I would have gotten to spend more time with them in March-June, and I’d have gotten to prepare them for the spelling bee, which they probably would have won if there had been a spelling bee that year.

I probably wouldn’t have ended Miss Understood at 11 chapters, and would have written more.

I could have gone to Germany to spend Christmas and the holidays with my mom last year.


My condolences. (For anyone you may have lost and for Miss Understood)


Thank you. Fortunately, no one in my family got sick nor passed away, but they all moved out of the country last year. :cry: :cry:


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If Covid-19 didn’t happen. My piano teacher would have a piano recital with friends and family then having big ice cream social.

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