If Each Sexuality Was A Drink, Which Food Do You Think They'd Be?

Hetero – Coffee
Bi – Iced Tea
Gay & Lesbian – Rainbow Frappuccino
Ace – Hot Chocolate
Pan – Strawberry Smoothie

@LGBTCommunity What do you think? What drinks do you think each sexuality is?

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Hmm…gay is definitely iced coffee.

Ace I think water lmao. Idk. This is actually a tough question that I’m honestly too like… afraid to answer lmao.

But what do you think, @LGBTCommunity ?

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Pansexual is a cocktail. A mix of a bunch of different things.

Okay but the title kinda confuses me :joy:
Drink or food? I’ll just stick with drinks

I’d say bi is coffee and hetero tea, Idk why that kind of makes sense to me :thinking:

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Gay/lesbian is definitely any sort of like iced latte

I feel like bi would be a butterfly pea tea lemonade (the one that changes colours when you stir it). Trans and enby could also be this drink

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What’s a butterfly pea tea?

Is it mean if I say those attracted to masculinity would be black coffee?


It’s this beautiful purplish blue tea.

It’s a type of tea that’s blue when you brew it but if you add lemon to it, it becomes more of a purple colour

like this:

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