If feminism overrated to the point where it no longer protects women?

I think so. People can go overboard…a lot. @Discussions?

Different kinds of feminism like SWERFs and TERFs definitely don’t protect women or fight for the rights of all women.

A great deal of feminists including myself believe in the theory of intersectionality which is when you acknowledge that issues faced by minorities and well, everyone, are connected in some way.

For example in feminism taking down the patriatchy is supposed to help issues men face as well. I believe following and promoting this isn’t overrated and does help protect women’s rights.

I’m unsure about what feminist riots you’re referring to though Ouija :thinking:


It depends on which you are talking about. As feminism basically fought for equality in a male dominant world, which I’m a huge supporter of. Whereas, modern “feminists” believe females Should be dominant, which is just wrong and unfair.

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Okay but honestly? This is kinda dangerous, you outright stated in your OP that there were riots that people had got hurt in. This is how misinformation spreads. I strongly suggest finding actual examples of feminist riots or editting your OP.

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Okay but many of these that they were protesting for were good, they were about womens rights such as the right to vote. Very important things.

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Ahh, I’m digging myself into a hole.

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As in treated better than males? Or what exactly do you mean?

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Yeah, as in should be the dominant gender.

In all honesty I largely disagree with you, “modern feminists” is too broad a term. It’s actually a vocal minority who believe women should be superior instead of equal, we shouldn’t let them taint the name of feminism. Especially when most modern day feminists are intersectional.

Feminists that would agree with Valerie Solanes, the SCUM manifesto, support TERF and SWERF ideologies are the ones we need to look out for, the ones we need to disagree with and fight against.

It’s like how people start to call themselves “womanists” because they don’t like the attachments feminism has to the bad types. Instead of fighting against those types and reclaiming what it truly means to be feminist.

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No, fair. Though it has confused the term for many.

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