If you auditioned for a music concert, what song would you choose to audition with?

I would try to find something that fits my voice! I think Lana’s songs would be good, Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley and July by Noah Cyrus. For a duet I’d definitely pick Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros!

  • If you auditioned for a music concert, what song would you choose to audition with?

I’d probably do something like make me wanna die by the pretty reckless or even the silence by halestorm


Interesting to think about that considering I can’t fit a song to my voice because I have a sh!t voice :sunglasses:
But this time I’ll say one by Ed sheeran // familiar taste of poison by Halestorm. Just because I love them both and felt like picking them


I would probably do 7 Minutes, Born Without A Heart, or Only bc I can relate to all of them


I’ve been told my voice is very 1930s/40s when I sing serious.
But when I’m not serious and I’m joking I do it high pitched.
So I probably wouldn’t take it seriously and sing high hopes really loudly

But if I had to sing with a serious voice is pick You’re the top.

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I’m honestly starting to think I’d audition with a starbenders song, probably this:

Can you guys think of any?

I change my mind. I’d sing something by Phoebe Bridgers, fits better

Well, my neighbors really like it when I sing Circles. They always ask me to sing it during neighborhood birthday parties or gatherings. I think it does fit my voice pretty well, so I’d definitely audition with Circles.

Even though I don’t really listen to her on the daily, I’d probably choose something by Ariana Grande because a lot of her songs would give me the opportunity to show off my upper register

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