If you could have a full scholarship to any university what would you choose to study?🦋

I’d probably still go with photography but not sure

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Interior design or film production. But I think I would go with film production because outside of my country that would be such a great job, here you can’t do anything with it


I’d double major in criminology and biology. Film production could also be cool but I’m not really into that field.

My first choice would be fashion designing

I’d double major in Chemistry and Biology

Hmm, probably Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

English and psychology since uni’s usually don’t have law as a separate major so studying these subjects would be able to help me in studying law later. Unless they do, then I’d choose law

double major with journalism and french (well at least that’s what I was going to do smh) at nyu with a minor in creative writing

Full scholarship? Oh wow, there are so many options! Journalism? Film production? Creative Writing? Psychology? I have to mention that in Austria, we don’t pay for university (unless we take forever to finish or fail all classes) and we get extra money for going to university, so a full scholarship would just mean getting even more money for going to university and not having to worry about finding a job right after.

@Students What would you choose to study if you could have a full scholarship?

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