If you do gokart on vacation during summer and include beach trips too

If you do gokart during summer vacation please be careful. I tell you what happen when I was on vacation May of this year. A couple teenagers got hurt on gokart and even probably broke a foot or a bruise legs.

Since gokart are dangerous and I don’t ride them.

Would you ride a gokart on your vacation spot or now?

Here the pictures below of gokart if you case you are wondering.

During vacation I see other people getting hurt from mountain to the beach.

One thing that still haunted me when my brother and his friends went to the beach after high school celebration in 2016 and all of suddenly two young kids were in trouble one kids was saved but the other one drowned.

Even a kid last summer got sting by a jellyfish
Just remember to user vinger on jellyfish sting

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