If you had your own island to populate, what rules would you make?

Imagine that you had your own island and are able to make any rules that you want. What rules would you make?

My answer:

  • Everyone is free to do anything they like as long they don’t cause harm to anyone else
  • Bonfire nights every Sunday, everyone must attend
  • Everyone gets the same amount of land
  • Don’t talk to me before 11 am

Ok so is this like an island that you own that you go to sometimes with friends or are you a ruler of a small village of people?

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  1. No killing or stealing

  2. Costume parties during May 28th (3:pm) mandatory to attend.

  3. Be friendly with one another

  4. Think before you talk

  5. Meh it’s a free land, do whatever you want (except for the rules above)

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  1. Everyone has to learn a instrument :violin:
  2. Jail never exist nor bullying.
  3. You have to sight read music really fast.
  4. Don’t look at music sheet music.

If you can’t do the rule above , you have to jump in mud full of real worm :bug:

  1. No killing and no violence
  2. Everyone must respect each other
  3. There have to be coffee shops with Internet and restaurants for those who enjoy eating out, but there will also be mandatory cooking classes so that everyone learns how to cook
  4. There will be no blasting of music before 7 AM nor after 11:30 PM.

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