If you opened a business what kind of business would it be?

There is a thread like this in the patrons lounge for those of you who don’t want people to be stealing your business ideas :joy:.

The fake business I set up as part of my BTEC was a cosplay business and there is actually a pretty high demand for it in my area, the numbers were awful but that’s probably because I’m bad at maths.


A bar :sunglasses:

Book publishing company, maybe. That would take on Authors who are good and actually advertise them. I don’t know, seems like a fun gamble XD
or something to fight Disney
Both would fail, but it’d be fun

Something related to web designing or maybe food business.

Probably something related to death, like doing something with people’s ashes. No clue.

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am i allowed to say drug dealing?

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Absolutely not, this is a PG13 forum and we do not condone any illegal activities

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Oh :pleading_face:

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What the-no.

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pm me
lets do blac money bizness
jk jk

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