If Your Character Was An Animal, What Would They Be?

I’m such a dumbxss. I thought I wasn’t allowed to make threads in the RP section, 'cause gen leaders can’t really take RP staff tasks, but then I realised I’m a normal user who can make threads in any of the sections. Sjshfdnxuhzdjsbkdxhzgbnd SMH.

Ahem, anyway…

Ahnvi: Chipmunk/Kitten
Leonor: Sheep
Abelino: Rat
Sythaerin: Dark Unicorn

Aphrodite: Dove/Swan
Mikhael: Bear…?

zodiac rp
Scorpio: Scorpio (obvi)
Libra: Pigeon/Wolf
Nylathria: Bull

@RPers @Writers If your characters were animals, what would they be?


That’s a cute thread ~

Miles: bear
Emma: wolf
Margaux: common crane
Peter: phoenix
Colombe: Old World sparrow

Marc: playful cat
César: snobby cat

@Meekepeek I think you might like this game :sparkles:


Oof yesss, let me think!


1x1 Rp sh!t.
Regan: I wanna say cockroach because she’s tiny, fast and even if you throw a nuke on her, I’ll find a way to make her survive haha.

But no uhm… Maybe a swan because she’s curious, Loyal, elegant and aggressive when needed.

1x1 Genoster.
Genoster: is legit a crow so yeah.

Charlia : Lynx because she is part lynx.
Bryn: owl. He’s smart but loyal. He likes to be on his own and prefers the night when everyone else is asleep.
Eulalia: chipmunk, she’s hyperactive and random.
Avian: eagle, he is part burt but freedom is something he lives for.

Gemini: sea horse? Idk.
Cancer guide: dog (and crab obviously)

Syvin: Fox, she’s beautifyl, cunning and sly.

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Funny enough, autocorrect changed the shizzles to that lol.

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Well, my shapeshifting characters would be that animal, obviously. I’ll have to think on the others.

Mal’da, an actual bear: :eyes: