If your character was cloned, how would they react?

The titel speaks for itself.

How would they react?
Why would they be cloned?
Who is most likely to clone them?
What would be the thing that would set them apart from the clone?

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Honestly, most of my characters would flip. Ben from New Blood would think it was awesome.

New Blood rp

Destiny: Would start going to parties with them, then she would make them replace her at school.

Elijah: Thinks “wow this is interesting” but gets annoyed by them trying to replace his life.

Karen: Probably gets afraid of the fact that there’s a second her now.

Destiny: Accidentally went into a time travelling machine thinking it was a refrigerator.

Elijah: His dad made a time machine or his friends science experiment went wrong.

Karen: Just appears out of thin air.

Destiny and Karen: Someone random.
Elijah: His dad or a weird friend he has.

Destiny: Probably nothing. They would both be obnoxious.
Karen: The clone would probably be more egotostical.
Elijah: The clone is less self aware.

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I think all of them would be shocked, probably confused, and then it would be based on the rest of the situation for how they would react.

Most of my characters, they wouldn’t know, but some of my characters would immediately have someone to look to as responsible.

Jezebel (From BR):
Her immediate thought would be “What did Dan do?”

Laurel (From BR2):
She would be thinking: “What did uncle Dan do?”

Well… most Blue Royalty characters, they would probably end up thinking it was something Dan did.