If your parents hated your SO would you ditch them or carry on with them despite the protests?🦋

I personally would never ever let my mum ruin something like that for me.
It’s my life and my relationships I’m not 3 anymore I don’t think my mum should have a say in the matter

What do you guys think? I know many people value their family opinion a lot, would that make any difference?


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Happened when I was 18 I started staying over his, not wanting to be stuck around my mum and but of a stepfather. My mother hated him so much back then she thought he was a bad influence and would be pregnant before I finished my foundation degree. She wasn’t wrong. Though I found out I was pregnant during the last month of uni. I had no intention of leaving him at the time and still don’t.

She has now warmed up to him and thinks being with him is a great thing for me. She keeps praising him.


Like my parents should have any say in my relationships :joy: If I married a girl, they can’t stop me lmao

Unless my SO is toxic or rude to my parents, idgf what they think


I think it would really depend on why they hated them, but it’s not that important to me

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It depends if the person ends up being a bad influence or not.

I think it depends. I do appreciate my parents’ opinion but I don’t think I would ever let them affect my love life. I would hear them out and try to understand why they feel like that, but at the end of the day, that’s my decision to make.


My mum always had a keen eye for this kinda thing, so I trusted her. My dad stays out of my love life so I don’t really get the protests or even really discussions anymore :joy: All I get is trust and support


One hundred percent not

I mean I probably would. My parents are pretty chill so if they don’t like someone it’s probably that the person is sus. But I would also weigh my own views of them and talk to my parents in depth on why they don’t like them.

No. Never. I would try my best to work it out but I woudlnt ditch them. They need to ditch me, but I woudlnt do that to them. I’ve had a moment in my life where my ex messed my relationship with my family and ended up tearing the trust so badly because I was manipulated. If my SO cannot try with me to fix a problem with my family, then I would actually leave them. I’ve already learned my lesson, but I had to learn that the hard way
If my SO was truly a good person and worth fighting for, then I’d try my best but I’d never ditch


i already know my mum and grand mum are a karen and susan, so i wouldn’t leave my s/o :heart:

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Uhh I’d negotiate with them?

My mom was right to not like my last boyfriend.

Considering my mum has a terrible taste in men and I’m always the one to tell her that they’re not good for her and she disagrees
And theeeeen
I get to go I told you so
So no she has no say in my partners :sparkles:

Nah, my parents don’t get a say in what I do anymore. Their opinions don’t matter and never have. I especially wouldn’t let my parents be the ones who determine whether I stay with someone or not. I’m not an idiot so I know what’s good for me and what isn’t.

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it depends why they hate them :eyes:

well, I doubt my parents would hate my SO, but if they did, I’d just let them know that it is my personal life and if they’re not happy about it, then it’s their problem.

If they don’t want to hear about it then that’s fine but if they’re gonna annoy me about it I really have no choice but to stop being close to them.

Idk bruh
If my dad hated my boyfriend I’d stay w him on that toxic shi
My parents would both prolly dislike an nb I dated ngl but like I know them better so like it’s rlly in my hands
My mom prolly wouldn’t hate my bf she’d just mildly dislike them and I’d prolly get over him quick cos we share similar opinions
They wouldn’t know if it was my gf LOL
They’d prolly try to stop me from seeing my friend that I’m weirdly close with but I never would

Nope my parents hate everybody so :woman_shrugging:

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I’d probably listen to my parents lol, because my parents don’t really tell me if they think someone is bad for me or not- they’re pretty supportive.