If you've taken personality tests, would you say they were accurate about you?

Though they are valid and reliable, there are still many claims that the results they get are not really accurate—and this is true. I mean, no one and nothing can really tell you who you really are, right? Often, if not always, even you don’t know who you really are. But even though with that fact, there’s still a bit of accuracy right there.

So, @Discussions, from the personality test(s) you’ve taken, are they accurate about you?

  • If you’ve taken multiple, which one is the most accurate?

I think they’re not too accurate about me, but the closest to that would probably between the four temperaments or MBTI theories :thinking:


Yeahhh the mbti test is kinda accurate for me but some of the things mentioned in those are not BUT MOST YES




Yes, they almost always are!
The 16personalities one is quite accurate

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I’ve never taken any of them before in my life and don’t intend too :v:t5::blush:

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The sixteen personalities one is pretty accurate for me
I like taking personality tests cause it makes me feel like somebody does actually understand me :’)

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Yes :'))

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Yes yes mbti is pretty accurate about my personality

But other than that, the food quizzes on buzzfeed really match my personality too :partying_face:

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I think that the accuracy depends on a lot of factors, like how the 16per says to be completely honest. But, there are obvious problems with tests like this. Like for example, it’s generalizing all 7 billion people into 16 groups which are small relative to the diversity in the world. Additionally, it suffers the same problem surveys do. The problem of wording. Someone can take one wording a certain way and another can take it a completely different way. A personality test can most likely never be perfected because of these problems but 16per does seem to have a good percent of support. Though, I did hear that some studies disputing Myers Bridges/16per test were a thing but I never looked into them

The four temperaments is pretty accurate.
The 16 personalities and MBTI are also accurate in a lot of aspects, even though the first time I took 16 personalities, it classified me as an ISFP and I really don’t identify with an ISFP. I retook it and took other MBTI tests and I got INFP, which is pretty close to my personality except that INFPs are usually associated with poetry and I’m not a big fan of poetry.

The Buzzfeed tests are not very accurate at all. I know they aren’t serious tests, but still, some of them are COMPLETELY inaccurate. One of them was about ‘Which relative at a holiday dinner are you?’ and I got ‘The political one’ but I freaking HATE politics, so that one was totally wrong.

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Some of the results would be, but they’d never be accurate enough. The tests don’t measure every aspect of me so I’d never say they’re fully accurate or mostly accurate

I’ve only taken the MBTI test and it was very accurate. I related to every single sentence on my results page :star_struck:

Not really, they’re often too extreme with the result, though that’s probably my fault

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