In this situation game

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How to play:
The first person will make up a situation. The second person will say the first thing they would do in that situation.
Note you can put ITS and WWYD instead of spelling everything out


person one: ITS you seem to be falling through floors, but only when you sleep WWYD?
person two: I would walk right out.
person two: ITS you…

AND so on, I’ll start ~

ITS corona disappeared WWYD?


Throw a massive party and celebrate for a week straight

ITS trips to Mars are available, but are one way. WWYD?


I would not go to Mars-

ITS you can have an unlimited amount of food, but water is 100$ per cup. WWYD


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Eat lots pf watery fruits lol

ITS you moved two houses down from your teacher… and s/he saw you WWYD

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