Introducing a Place to Chat: the ShanniiWrites Forums!

Hey guys, this is awesome. Rather than a link to the forum, why not share this with people to help explain why the forum is so awesome?!


Rad blog post :eyes::eyes::+1:

But the forums has become much more than just a place for writers and artists since then, it’s a home for many eyemazing people now, no matter what they’re interested in :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


That’s true, we should edit this.

My god, I love this place with all my heart, I’ve given a part of myself here basically, I’ve even considered donating if my parents let me I would

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i didn’t tell mine :star_struck:

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oooooooh I can do it in secret :thinking:

hm @ShanniiWrites @ChaoticDeluge can I donate to here in secret? without my parents knowing? is it like a I didn’t see anything so I didn’t know it happened?

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i mean that really depends

mine don’t check my debit card statements so i just paid with my own card :eyes:

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Hey @Bloggers, how much has the forums changed and expanded since this blog, do you think? Take a read of this and tell me what you think!

Remember that if you really enjoyed this blog, feel free to recommend it (it’s similar to liking it). This will help with it being higher in the results of search engines too.


ngl i came to the forums mostly because of the community here
some of my friends here are people who’ve known me for over 4 years and i genuinely consider family
and i think that’s what i like the most here, the way one’s able to built their community with people with similar interests
and i’m immensely grateful to Shannii for making these forums, since i know without them, i would be missing out on a lot of things i enjoy now, both here and just… with friends


Honestly I love this community because I’ve made some really nice friends on here and I’mma cherish that. I even joined groups so that I can socialize more because I don’t have a social life outside of work so coming here makes me happy and I do not ever regret joining here since it’s more diverse with lots of interesting and fun threads and topics than the episode forums. I also discovered the forums through searching on what is rp on google and as I scrolled and saw ShanniiWrites forums and I was like oui, and I was curious so I clicked on it and the rest is history. :blush::dizzy: