Is a review a good way of promoting a story?

As you might know, I’m doing reviews for creators and advertise them as promotion for their stories. However, I’m wondering if people really see reviews as promotion.

Is a review a good way of promoting a story?
Why? Or why not?


Yes, I think it’s a great way to get your work known. Especially if you request a review from an account that posts their story reviews, like Episode Axiom. I’ve gained new readers from review accounts, and sometimes even from the reviewers themselves.


I think it’s alright since people who want to get their stories reviewed or just want to read the reviews might find your story interesting and check it out. Though I wouldn’t say it’s the best way to promote your story, but it’s good!

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It depends. I think if you get your story reviewed by a lot of accounts it certainly helps it get out there. Especially if those accounts post their reviews on Instagram or other platforms.
I do reviews for stories actually (still have to get around to posting them on Instagram lol) and I think mine help more with the author having an understanding of what readers think of their story than promotion cuz I have yet to promote them and I’m also a small account. I can also be very um… picky? And very honest about my reviews. If I don’t like something you’re gonna hear it from me and I have yet to give out a 10/10.
So yeah it depends on what you want. Don’t go into a review expecting it to be good or good for promotion. If you don’t care whether the review turns out good or bad then that’s fine! I mean if the reviewers are promoting the story then it does get out there one way or another.


Ya, it’s a great method to get your story known, especially if the review is done by a well-known critic.

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