Is cellphone radiation dangerous? Should it be limited?

Ok, here we go. All radiation is dangerous in large amounts, but I haven’t heard of anyone dying or getting radiation sickness from a cellphone, so I’d have to say that’s it’s not really a problem. Yet. Thoughts?
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I saw this from what I’ve researched.

Cell phones emit a kind of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) called “non-ionizing.” This kind of EMR has not been shown to cause cancer in humans.

I don’t really think it’s dangerous as compared to other radiations but ya know too much of something is dangerous so I’ll just take precautionary measures to avoid being on my phone regularly because it does hurt eyes sometimes.

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There is no evidence that cellphone radiation increases the risk of getting cancer, but staring at the screen too much can be tiring to your eyes. I wouldn’t say dangerous, but cell phones does affect our lifestyle, and may affect our health depending on how we use it.

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Lol this reminds me of the 5G theory with covid, what a time

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