Is it okay to read books at the dinner table?

I think it is okay as long as you don’t spill anything on the book and still pay attention when someone talks to you :eyes::sparkles:

How about you? Do you think that it’s okay to read at the dinner table?
Are you allowed to read books at the dinner table? :eyes::sparkles:


Not in my parent’s house, but I personally don’t care

is it bad that I don’t usually eat dinner with my family…?

i don’t have family dinners so i only have an idea of what’s rude and what’s not. butttt i guess? maybe not? i’m not sure. I don’t think i’d mind? maybe it’s different for other people

I don’t really eat with my family that often. If I did, maybe it would be considered rude? I don’t really know tbh. It might be messy if you’re trying to read while eating something like spaghetti.

Haha well, my mom likes us to just focus on our food and nothing else so…

I’ve never done that and my parents would have never allowed me to do it :joy:
Dinner (or lunch) was always the time we all sat together and just talked, sometimes we had the TV on in the background but reading is much more distracting than that.
If I’m alone, yes, I’d read at the dinner table, but not with others and I kinda don’t want others do that when they’re eating with me :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, it is :woman_shrugging:t2:
As long as you don’t have any guests or anything like that

Yeah I guess it is, but I won’t do that.
I’d rather read my book while sitting outside in the cool of the evening. :dizzy:

I don’t eat at the dinner table… but if I did, I think it’d be okay. And my family doesn’t mind. You should be careful about not spilling food on the book, tho.

@Bookworms Do you think it’s alright to read books while eating?

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Totally, then you don’t have to small talk or even really talk

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It depends on the circumstances. If there’s a reason you need to be more involved with interacting with those at the dinner table as well, then you probably shouldn’t be reading. While you are eating, you probably should temporarily put the book down to not get it messy, but otherwise I say read.
Though, if reading the book is through digital means (on your phone, etc) then its probably better not to. If its a physical book, everyone can see that you’re reading a book and not just stuck in a digital device.

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