Is it possible to like two people at the same time?

Feelings are feelings, and it can be difficult for us to control them. But in the end, it will always be our choice on what to do with it.

  • Do you think it is possible to like two people at the same time? Does this make you a bad person for not being loyal to someone and for playing with the feelings of others?
  • Have you ever liked two different persons at the same time?
  • And have you ever liked someone who also likes another person aside from you?



If you have a crush, then sure…
harry styles, shawn mendes

I mean… if you’re not in a proper relationship, then I think it’s fine…
It’s also not bad if you’re in a polyamorous/open relationship.

But like, as crushes.

I mean, yeah?


I’ve done it with three people.

Having feelings for 2 different people is perfectly normal, imo. And no, you’re definitely not a bad person (as long as you’re not in a committed relationship).

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Probably for some people, but not for me. I’ve never had a crush on two people at once, unless it was a fictional one. But even then, one would be stronger than the other.

If you’re in a relationship, then it’s not good. You should be honest with yourself and with your partner.
But if you aren’t in a relationship, then it doesn’t matter because you aren’t hurting anyone by just liking two different people since you aren’t playing with anyone’s feelings.

Yeah, my ex, but he wasn’t loyal to anyone, so forget him.

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Duh! happened to me a lot of times.

No because you cannot control your feelings and it is just a crush not true love crush

Again there is no harm in crush.


Yup I liked this boy who had a crush on me and my best friend :see_no_evil: :sneezing_face:

Apparently yes

If you’re in a relationship with them, starting to like someone else is kinda wrong yeah. But being loyal to someone you have no commitment to is quite unnecessary at some point.
Also you can’t control your feelings so yeah


And people*

Not sure

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Um… some people are polyamorous so yeah. Which I think means that they have a relationship with more than one person and it’s a consenting relationship.
I’m not that type of person tho but there are people that are yeah. All I have to say is to just communicate if you’re in a relationship or something. If you aren’t it doesn’t matter.

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Absolutely. It’s not an uncommon thing, it happens to everyone at least once in their life.

It happened once when I was younger and I felt like a bad person but idk it’s a biased opinion. But then again it also happened to me a lot and like- I never thought the person was a bad person. Very confusing in general.

A few years ago, never again. Too messy


Yes, it’s really common. I think it’s pretty normal

Just because you like two people at the same time doesn’t automatically make you a bad person. This solely depends on the context of the situation. Sometimes, you really can’t control your feelings towards another. It really depends. Maybe you’re still stuck on an old love — it doesn’t mean you are a bad person. It also doesn’t mean having feelings for two people is automatically playing someone. It depends on your intent

Yes. I’ve been in a relationship before, but I never realized I didn’t move on. I thought I did, but it turns out I just forgot about the person but my feelings never went away. I pushed the thought aside thinking that just because I’m not thinking about it that it means I’m over it — but I wasn’t. I didn’t mean to. I never realized I still cared deeply about the other person until I broken up with the person I was in a relationship with. Currently still not over it :thinking:

No, I don’t think so

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Yes, but I haven’t.

It is possible. Idk about the second question here but it’s probably better if you make things clear though.

Idk, lol Idek if I actually like someone to begin with :joy:

probs not, no idea.

It definitely is and it’s not necessarily because of polyamoury, it can sometimes be a case of you aren’t over your ex but you are into someone else. I’m not saying that means you should date that other pedson immediately, you may wanna try to get over your ex first but that doesn’t invalidate the fact you have feelings for more than one person at that time.

Oh, it’s possible. Trust me.

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